7 Smart Choices: Start a Supplement / Natural Product Business

You’ve made the biggest decision already – choosing to start a supplement or natural product brand.  But what’s next? There are many decisions needed to determine your success. With limited time and resources, you want to make smart choices.  Use our checklist to make decisions that will transform your dream into a money-making reality. 1. ... Read more

8 Essential Questions To Ask Supplement Ingredient Suppliers

  How can you find a high-quality dietary supplement ingredient supplier?   With hundreds to choose from this can seem daunting, but not if you know the savvy questions to ask. Smart inquiry matters because the FDA implemented cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations for supplement manufacturers, but regulations aren’t enforced for suppliers, especially for suppliers ... Read more

6 Smart Marketing Tips for Food or Supplement Companies

  You’ve created the natural product or food that everyone needs, but how will customers find it?  An innovative marketing strategy can create viral demand and boost sales.  Use our tips below to create a marketing strategy that sells your brand. 1. Verify Demand With Market Research You believe in your product, but verifying product ... Read more

Promising Senior Brain Health Boosters – 99.5 Million Seniors by 2050

  Do memory loss, multitasking difficulty and changes in attention span concern you?  As our population ages, brain performance ages too; and the growing flood of seniors will want to keep sharp. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population age 65+ will surge from 49.2 million in 2010 to 99.5 million in 2050. As ... Read more
SQF Certification Audit

What is the SQF Certification?

The Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification is regarded world-wide as a standard bearer in food quality and food safety regulation. Run by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI), it is the only one of its kind endorsed by the Global Food Safety Initiative. An SQF certification is recognized at all stages of the food and ... Read more

Essential GMP Knowledge For Nutritional & Sports Supplement Brands – 6 Questions

  Hundreds (if not thousands) of laws and regulations, and best federal and local practices govern the natural products industry. Within that growing and changing body of regulations, current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP for supplements and GMP for foods) serve as a the key regulatory backbone for the industry. GMP or cGMP are codified in 21 ... Read more

Clean Label Essentials for Natural Product Companies: $180 Bil by 2020

  Want to understand your supplement ingredients without needing a biomedical engineering degree to decipher the label?  You’re not alone. More consumers are seeking “clean label” products that offer transparent and simple labels. The market research firm Euromonitor estimates clean label global food and supplement sales will rise from $165 billion in 2015 to $180 billion ... Read more

Essential Legal Checklist for Natural Product & Functional Food Companies

  Are you wondering how to legally protect your natural product or food and beverage company?  The legal system can seem overwhelming when creating a new product or launching a brand.  Legal obligations and fees vary depending on business structure and location.  Consult a business attorney and a regulatory compliance expert prior to forming your ... Read more
Food Manufacturing Software

6 Manufacturing and Food Safety Software Must-Haves

Now more than ever food and beverage manufactures are up against greater challenges. Antiquated pen-and-paper tracking is still surprisingly prevalent in even large and mid-size companies but those systems can open the door to issues when it comes to quality and food safety requirements. Alternatively, the right food safety software can help balance business profitability ... Read more

How To Choose The Best Food Manufacturer – 10 Must Haves

  Congratulations, you’ve chosen a food or nutritional supplement to sell.  Next a high-quality manufacturer is needed, but how can you find the best option?  A daunting number of questions pop up:  Do you want to stay local or manufacture abroad?  How can you ensure product quality?  What about on-time delivery?  Product manufacturing considerations can ... Read more

5 Natural Product and Food Label Essentials – Avoid Costly Mistakes

  Boost natural product and food sales by creating outstanding product labels.  Your company wants accurate labels that will wow customers. Use our tips to avoid the nightmare of FDA non-compliant labels causing product recalls, or needing to reprint 10,000 labels due to blurred text.  Taking time to create attractive, error-free labels can interest potential ... Read more

The condensed FMSA checklist for busy operations managers

No need to stress out when auditors or executives tell you it’s time for an FSMA audit.  It’s probable that your operation is already clean and safe, so why not break this down into managable pieces? Chances are that your Quality Assurance experts already have a FSMA audit checklist.  If not, take a look at ... Read more

Managing FSMA compliance without losing your mind

  According to the FDA, the “Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is the most sweeping reform of our food safety laws in more than 70 years…” The overarching principle guiding the implementation of FSMA is FDA’s shift from detection and response to prevention. The basic steps for FSMA compliance are 1. carry out a hazard/risk ... Read more
FDA Regulates Dietary Supplements

FDA Regulation of Dietary Supplements

How does the FDA regulate dietary supplements? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has regulated dietary supplements since at least 1938. At the time they were regulated like any other food, however. In the 1980’s they became defined as “food additives,” leading to a lot of confusion and inconsistent regulatory standards. The Dietary Supplement Health ... Read more

HACCP In Your Manufacturing Process

With the increasingly global nature of the food and supplement industries, quality assurance regulations have become incredibly complex. Despite this evolution, a surprising number of companies still rely on a paper based system for their hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) plan. HACCP is an internationally recognized system of proactivity in the management of ... Read more

Hot 2019 Trends For Functional Foods

We’ve been scanning hot new research to discover new functional food trends. Join us for a sneak peek into the dietary supplement space. People today are increasingly more conscious of their health and overall wellbeing. This sparks innovative trends for vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements.  Smart business owners can use trends to create new products ... Read more

Grow Your Natural Product or Supplement Business: 6 Smart Partnerships For Lean Entrepreneurs

  Launching your natural product business or new product feels exciting.  But what’s next? You want to maximize sales and grow your business but you can’t do it alone.  You have limited time.  So choose the right partnerships to maximize your success at the right price.  That way you can concentrate on what you do ... Read more