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Dietary Supplement & Personal Care Brands

Enjoy building a business while Crystal provides clarity in your manufacturing and sales operations

Manage your
contract manufacturing
Crystal Core helps Dietary Supplement brands manage the supply chain and their ultimate FDA 21CFR111 responsibility, with a simple connection to any accounting system.
Software for
supplement brands
Easily handle orders and inventory with web-store integration and customer relationship management. A value-priced cloud subscription to run your business.
Tuned to supplements
and personal care
Crystal is built from industry leading products like Sharepoint and Quickbooks. Handle quality compliance, label review, shipping and light manufacturing, in the Cloud or at your site.

We make life easier for Small & Mid-size Brands

Use our systems for transparency throughout
Customer Service


Be Safe

Crystal helps supplement brands sell and ship effectively, and efficiently handle their records requirements for FDA 21CFR111

Crystal helps you protect your company

Supplement brands are responsible for ensuring the products meet all labels claims and are safe to use. Will you be prepared when the FDA starts asking you hard questions about your products? With Crystal Systems, you can be confident you have the answers you need right at your fingertips.

Specialized Software for Supplements

Get a fully integrated package, or take advantage of stand-alone solutions for
Product Information Management
Regulatory Compliance
Contract Manufacturer Ordering

Do it all for less money than traditional hiring and software purchases

Supplement Software

Software tuned for business efficiency

Omnichannel E-commerce
Warehouse management
Light manufacturing
Document anagement
Label proofing & approval
In the cloud or at your location

Why you need it

Create confidence

Crystal Core helps manage the records for ultimate responsibility of your products. Contract manufacturers may do a good job with their own Good Manufacturing Practices, but the FDA requires brands to do specific things for 21CFR111.

Spending a little money now can save you bundles in the future.

Efficient Services

Back-office details handled by pros

Warehouse supply
Quality assurance
Regulatory compliance
Manufacturing management

Consulting Network

Experienced help for supplements, personal care and sports nutrition

Marketing support
Product development
Label and marketing claims review
Quality compliance and FDA 21CFR111 SOP's
Ingredient specs


For Dietary Supplements, Sports Nutrition, Cosmetics and Personal Care Brands

We Have Your Back

Rest easy - Crystal handles the core set of manufacturing, quality and regulatory requirements for Natural Products brands.

Accelerate Your Growth

Software systems for customer management, ecommerce, shipping and manufacturing support fast-paced growth at low cost.


The Crystal back-office solution gives you access to services for managing formulas, production and other complexities of a Dietary Supplements business.


Consulting and Software As A Service for the Natural Products industry


When you need more, we connect you with skilled consulting services.  Our industry experts provide decades of experience managing the creation and distribution of dietary supplements and personal care products.  IT consultants are available for servers, security and software.


Your business is supported by software selected to provide low prices and best-of-breed features.

Crystal Systems add up to a comprehensive Small and Midsize Business solution.

By The Numbers

Product Launches
Systems Installed
Products Managed

Crystal Systems is a start-up which builds on our decades of experience in the Natural Products Industry.

Small Business Accelerators

Options for
Growth-Stage Brands and Post-Launch Startups

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Experienced services and low-cost software
take care of the complexities and risks in
growing a small business.

Let us handle contract manufacturing management and regulatory compliance, and reduce your hiring costs for operations, quality and legal review

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Create Products, Operate Efficiently
and Build Trust

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Prevent Problems

Expert services and software configured for your industry
to make any sized business more efficient.
Take advantage
of our decades of work in companies making and selling
Dietary Supplements
Sports Nutrition, Functional Foods,
Cosmetics, Skin Care and Hair Care Products.

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