Supply Chain Plugins for Acctivate

Get the right products, on time 

Clarity with Acctivate

Each of our plugins are priced individually and can be used together to create a personalized solution for any phase of your manufacturing, distribution, and sales requirements.


Supplier Verification

  • Let your management team share an online form for the completion of contract manufacturer qualifications

  • Send an online form to prospective suppliers, so they can fill in their qualifying information

Purchasing and Receiving log_result

Receiving Log

  • Use printed or mobile receiving worksheets to check-in products.             

  • Apply bar-coded labels to incoming products and lots. 

  • Close the QC workflow for incoming inspections when the product is moved out of QC locations

Costumers Reviews_result

P/O handling for Manufacturing and Q/C 

  • Print a copy of a purchase order for internal use, including where-used.  You can also run a report of open PO items showing where they are used

  • Automatically schedule QC inspections of incoming ingredients and products.  Simplify your inspection process with templates for standard tests and controls


Batch Receiving for FDA Regulated Distributors 

  • Use the Supplement Distributor's online receiving log to manage the receipt of finished goods and the checkoff of necessary documentation and lab tests

  • Securely file results in the online Document Management System