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For Branded Sales


Sell online with Amazon, Shopify, Magento and many others

Order management

Control your web, call-center and fax orders on a single platform

Third Party Logistics

Send your orders to your shipping partner with EDI and online access

Supply Chain Control

Manage orders to your co-manufacturer with precise requirements and specifications

FDA compliance

Control your specs, marketing message and production records


Keep an eye on your products, labels and proprietary ingredients


Authorize, track and credit customers for returns

For Supplement Manufacturers

Batch Production Records

Print a perfect BPR, or scan your production into electronic manufacturing records

Lot Tracking

Track your ingredients through receiving, production and distribution, with total traceability

Quality Management

From simple operation control to CAPA, training and AER, we measure and track compliance to help you prevent problems

Mobile Warehouse

Keep track of inventory and production with mobile computers.

Contract Manufacturing Quotes

Create price quotes with ingredients and packaging costs.

Cost projection

Calculate co-man orders using vendor cost. See the effect of potency and price changes on your customer’s formulas.

For MLM's


Sign up distributors, view down-line and up-line genealogy, change sponsors and manage rank advancement

Comp Plans

Calculate multiple rewards with sponsor and level bonuses, sales commissions, party plans, e-commerce rewards and whatever the marketing wizards dream up

Global Payout

instantly pay commissions with credit card, PayPal, e-wallet and bank transfer


Instant websites for your distributors with profile pages, downline sponsoring, product information and e-commerce

Social Activity Monitoring

Keep an eye on what people are saying about your brand

For Quality And Regulatory

Label and Marketing Compliance

Instantly see changes in different versions of labels, webpages and print materials. Note the needed changes and route documents for approval

Spec and Q/A Document Management

Track your formulas and specs for FDA compliance


Distribute tasks, materials and exams across the business.  Track and verify to effectively manage your CAPA processes.

Incidents and Corrective Actions

Integrate customer complaints, audits and change control, and track incidents that could potentially escalate

Audits and Preventative Actions

Effectively manage your audit findings, responses and related preventive actions and optimize the audit process

Free up your time with customized solutions at package prices

Extend QuickBooks and Sage with powerful extensions for manufacturing and distribution.
Extend your ERP systems and deliver results.