6 Smart Marketing Tips for Food or Supplement Companies


You’ve created the natural product or food that everyone needs, but how will customers find it?  An innovative marketing strategy can create viral demand and boost sales.  Use our tips below to create a marketing strategy that sells your brand.

1. Verify Demand With Market Research

You believe in your product, but verifying product demand prior to manufacturing makes sense.  You don’t want to create 100,000 yellow Thneads if people only want blue.  Also don’t waste time and money marketing to the wrong customers.

Choose from a variety of ways to conduct market research.  Use online searches to study products similar to yours and extract sales information, or create a survey and discover ideal customer traits, such as age and socioeconomic status.  If you have customers already, ask them about their wants and needs, or find an expert knowledgeable about your market and ask for an opinion.

2. Wow Customers with Eye-Catching Product Packaging and Labels

Research your competitors packaging and labels before creating your own.  What do you find appealing about competitor products? What might look better?  Next, brainstorm creative ideas that might appeal to natural product or food customers.

For ideas view 50 Insanely Creative and Stunning Packaging Designs by the website Canva.  Take  your ideas to an experienced package and label designer.  It’s worth hiring a pro because your product needs to POP when people scan items on a shelf.

Also professionals know how to avoid pitfalls, such as FDA regulatory non-compliance, or costly mistakes with formatting and materials.  Eye-catching product packaging and an interesting label will launch your product off shelves and onto your balance sheet.

3. Tell An Interesting Story

Why did you create your product?  Maybe you wanted to solve a painful problem for you or someone else.  People love hearing interesting stories because emotions drive product sales.

For instance, Warby Parker was created after one of the founders lost his eyeglasses on a backpacking trip.  Eyeglasses were expensive, and he couldn’t afford to replace them, so he suffered through a quarter of grad school squinting at blurry text.   His friends had similar stories, and this inspired them to find an inexpensive way to offer high-quality eyeglasses.  Did customers like this story?  The company grew to a $1.2 billion in 5 years.

Give people a reason to care about your products.  You’ll boost sales.

4. Hire a Free Sales Force

How can you get strangers to sell your product to friends and family?  Create interesting and timely content that’s easy to share.  This transforms strangers into a free salesforce.

Facebook has recently implemented a policy against asking users to like, comment and share; but on other sites, such as YouTube and LinkedIn, it’s ok to ask users to interact, as long as you provide valuable content first.  Make sure to add clickable social media share buttons for easy sharing.

To boost social shares and likes, use eye-catching photos or graphics.   According to Lifehack, viral posts almost always utilize a unique image that users want to quickly share.   One Lifehack marketing image got 10,000 Facebook shares in less than 24 hours by using an eye-catching image that garnered a strong emotional reaction.

The image was edgy, and wouldn’t work for most companies, but this particular image spoke to their targeted audience.   Use your creativity to think up unique content that will make your own audience eager to share 10000+ times.

5. Create Time-Sensitive Coupons & Special Offers

Who doesn’t love bargains?  Ignite customer urgency with time-sensitive special offers.  You might offer a coupon good for 7 days, or a special offer for today only such as:  buy two products and get one free.  Customers won’t want to miss out on a great deal.

Also utilize cross-selling to offer an attractive package deal your buyers can’t resist, for instance a recipe book to go with your food.  This strategy can result in sales of multiple products instead of just one.

Another idea is to upsell by placing attractive images of a more expensive product (or accessory) next to your product.  Forbes reports Jetblue used an “even more space” legroom upsell to produce $190 million in additional revenue.  For more information view Forbes Upsell Beginner’s Guide.

When upselling, remember to keep your customer’s wants and needs in mind.  Someone seeking a $30 face cream might decide on a $35 anti-aging version, but probably won’t buy a $100 product.

Amazon has mastered cross-sell and upsell techniques.  Browse their site for products similar to yours to get ideas.  Finally, entice customers to buy additional products with a “return purchase” coupon.

6. Reward Customers for Referrals

Few sales pitches can best a personal referral from someone you trust.  The Neilson Online Survey reported people are four times as likely to buy when referred by a friend. Many companies overlook referral programs, but if current customers already like your product, why not utilize them to garner sales?  People are willing to tell their friends and family about amazing products, all you have to do is ask.

The SalesForce reports the best referral programs reward both the referrer and the referee.   So reward both with a coupon or discount to create referral sales opportunities.

Customize one or more of our tips to meet your individualized marketing needs for natural products or foods.  Then create the perfect marketing program to skyrocket sales.

Kendeyl Johansen, a tech geek and award-winning journalist, creates multimedia health and wellbeing content.



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