Why Use VitaTrack

Instead of spreadsheets, VitaTrack saves you time and money, and prevents problems

Create customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance by using tested software and services for Dietary Supplements.

If you Do-It-Yourself (DIY) with spreadsheets and typical inventory software, errors and versions are hard to control and almost impossible to audit.

As a brand owner, the FDA holds you responsible for ensuring your products meet all labels claims and are safe to use.  Will you be prepared when the FDA starts asking you hard questions about your products?  With Crystal Systems' VitaTrack, you can be confident you have the answers you need right at your fingertips.

Manage your contract manufacturers

Our contract management process will ensure smooth communication with your contract manufacturer to manage products, keep production on track, negotiate costs, delivery and minimums, and manage inspections, contracts, quality release and other key business needs.  Are you prepared to do all of this in addition to managing your business and selling product?

VitaTrack tracks formulas, spreadsheets and other information versions to prevent issues with out-of-date versions and broken links.   DIY means meticulous record keeping among all sources.

Additionally VitaTrack seamlessly integrates changes to your product lineup and can add additional manufacturing capacity. With DIY, you will be on the hunt for a new contract manufacturer if your capsule manufacturer is not the best choice to make protein powers or other delivery forms.

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Control Product Development

Capturing the final version of a fomula in your database gives you control and compliance. With DIY, it's hard to manage alternate ingredients, emerging trends and the best suppliers to create innovative and useful products.

VitaTrack saves your company money when it comes time to update products.  For instance, changing ingredients or streamlining manufacturing can lower your product cost.  Similarly, our consulting team can suggest ingredient or product features to improve bioavailability based on the latest research.

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Comply With Regulations

Makes your experts efficient when they review your labels to avoid FDA concern about health claims, nutrient content claims, or structure/function claims.

Even though contract manufacturers will review label claims, outside experts are important.  Not only do the independent consultants stay on top of new regulatory informaton, they can review your advertising to ensure labels match all express and implied claims to consumers. Once the claims are identified, our experts check the scientific evidence to determine whether claims have support.

We also provide complete specifications for your raw materials and finished goods. All purchasing and receiving must comply with these specifications, and you are responsible for providing Certificates Of Analysis and other records that show how everything meets specs.

Complex and ever-changing FDA requirements and other compliance necessities can cause stress for DIY businesses.

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Assure Quality

As the owner of your brand, you are responsible for a minimum set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) which can show the FDA that you are delivering what the consumer expects.  Our consulting network can help you develop your own SOP’s using basic frameworks and expertise provided by our team.  Then VitaTrack can provide the database to ensure your quality system meets all requirements, including your business goals.  Consultants from the Crystal network can monitor your employee’s compliance with those SOP’s and 3rd party audits of your supply chain.

Some SOP’s are intuitive, such as keeping records showing consumer returns are checked before being returned to stock. Other procedures will be more technical, such as Shelf Stability tests.  Capture all of them in a compliant Document Management System.

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Control Information Technology

Our hosted solution combines the essential Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Document Management (DM) features.  The modules can handle all the software needs of small brands, and the VitaTrack can provide management of regulatory records and contract manufacters for any size company.

We partner with Cyber Security experts, infrastructure Managed Service Providers, and software Value Added Resellers to provide a full set of IT services.

You could Do It Yourself by researching and selecting all these skills and products, but that's time consuming and challenging.  With Crystal you get a personalized set of services and software, for a predictable expense, to fill in gaps and provide essential services.


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