Features of Acctivate

Acctivate extends Quickbooks so that distributors, manufacturers & online retailers have the tools for business success, company-wide — all in one system


Acctivate is an affordable solution that provides the added functionality growing companies need to better manage their business without requiring them to leave QuickBooks. Inventory, purchasing, order management, manufacturing and business analytics are gained without changing accounting software.



Creates all the basic CRM functionality for your customers. Setup contacts, shipping locations, credit guidelines, customer specific pricing, marketing codes and more.

Sales Order

All quotes and sales orders are recorded in Acctivate. Picking, packing and shipping are controlled from the sales order. Individual and batch invoicing is done in Acctivate.

Drop Ship / Special Order

Create purchase orders for drop shipments (ship from your vendor to your customer) or special orders (for products that you do not keep in stock, but order when you get a sales order for the product) from line items on the sales order.

Web Store Integration

Integrates Acctivate seamlessly to eCommerce platforms, such as Magento Commerce, Shopify and many more.  Simplify your online sales management with built-in connections to omnichannel merchants such as Amazon and eBay.

Automatically provide follow-up support records in the CRM. Acctivate downloads sales orders to keep your accounting current, and uploads inventory stock levels to the channels.

Product Data


Setup basic product information and requirements including multiple warehouses, costing method, pricing levels, units of measure and more. Create custom fields to track any information you need.

Serial Number / Lot Number Control

Track products by serial number or lot number. Search either products or customers by lot number. Reporting can track the lot number from raw material through manufacturing to the customer. With the Number When Invoiced feature bring serialized products into stock without receiving each serial number into inventory (a cell phone distributor who does not care about the serial numbers in stock, but only wants to track where they go when he sells them). The serial number is attached to the order when sold/invoiced.

Track / Trace

Expands upon Serial Number / Lot Number Control to provide graphical visibility of lots and serial numbers throughout your operations, from purchasing, throughout assemblies and transfers, to the customers’ who purchase the products.


Supply Chain


All purchasing is done in Acctivate including regular purchase orders (POs), as well as drop ship POs and special order POs, which are add-on modules (as explained below). All products are received and tracked in Acctivate and all vendor bills are approved for payment in Acctivate.

Landed Cost

Manually and automatically allocate additional charges beyond the purchase price of a product, such as customs, duties, insurance, freight, shipping and other charges across one or more transactions (i.e. receipts, receipts from a purchase order and inventory transfers) based on quantity, value or weight.

Multiple Location Control

Track and manage multiple bin locations within a warehouse (multiple warehouses are a part of the basic Acctivate package).

FedEx & UPS Shipping Interface

Interfaces with UPS and FedEx shipping software in your office. Shipping and tracking information are attached to the sales order and the invoice automatically.

Mobile Warehouse Operations

Use wireless handheld devices to receive products and pick orders. Do inventory counts, transfer products from one location to another and do assemblies.

EDI Transactions

Imports orders from your EDI service provider into Acctivate, packs the orders, creates the Advanced Shipping Notice and invoices the trading partner electronically and without re-keying information. (850, 856, and 810 transactions) Map the 940 warehouse shipping orders to your Third Party Logistics Company and the returning 945 warehouse confirmation. Export purchase orders from Acctivate to your EDI service provider and vendor trading partners.



Creates a new product, with the components used depleted from inventory and the new product added to the finished goods inventory.

Inventory Assortments and Kits

Matrix inventory lets you control inventory and track variations in products, such as color, size, style or pattern. Standard Kitting sells products as a single unit that is composed of multiple components by collecting or kitting them when shipped. Custom Kitting allows one-off changes to be made to the quantity of kit components and to add or remove components from a kit on a sales order.

Process Automation

Business Activity Management

Creates an electronic folder that can be used for tracking sales, Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs), service calls, and more in one place. This is for activities that involve several people or take place over a period of time. Track notes, changes in status, emails, etc.

Business Activity Scheduling

Acts as a scheduling board for assigning business activities. For example, if there are five service techs, scheduling provides a board where you can move service activities among the different service techs.

Business Activity Service Billing

Allows for billing of time and material charges within a business activity.



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