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Hosted solutions for crucial operations

The Crystal Core is a hosted soultion that combines streamlined software with data entry and experienced management.  Our skilled team takes care of maintaining smooth communications with contract manufacturers.  Crystal provides a cost-effective alternative to hiring regulatory, formulations and other hard-to-find employees.  While you build market share, we run effective and compliant back-end processing.

The Crystal Core Solution can plug into your existing accounting software, or you can use our complete software suite.

Manage Your Contract Manufacturers

Most dietary supplement and personal care brands rely on contract manufacturers.  Crystal makes everybody's job easier, by making sure that costs are calculated precisely, raw materials have the right specs, and all the versions of a product are tracked for regulatory compliance.

Take advantage of our unique combination of software and industry-expert services makes sure that your product is made the way you expect, on time, with complete FDA compliant records.

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Ensure Regulatory Compliance

The constantly changing Dietary Supplement regulatory environment requires active expertise to fully understand the responsibilities of Natural Products brands.  Crystal organizes the records and our services help you be fully aware of the responsibilities of Natural Products brands.

Don't slip up on labelling and marketing claims - let our regulatory experts review your messaging to avoid potential problems.  Crystal systems provides a proofing and review module that tracks change and approval of your labels.

In addition, our regulatory compliance experts check that all the raw material and product documentation is complete and logged correctly.

For more complex regulatory issues, our Natural Products Experts and consulting partners can provide you with deep expertise in Governance, Risk and Compliance issues.

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More hosted options

The hosted Crystal Core is just the beginning!
Small businesses can add Crystal Core Plus for Customer Relationship Management and Order Processing systems.  Then, add data synchronization with your warehouse and e-commerce platform for a complete solution at a remarkably low price.

Software on your server

Companies that want a complete dietary supplement solution on their own servers can install cloud-served or on-site modules for
E-commerce - integrate with Shopify, Magento, Amazon and many others
Warehouse - mobile picking, shipping and inventory accounting
Manufacturing – light assembly and process manufacturing, kits and sales bundles
Customer Relationships – gives sales and service teams complete customer information