About Us

Crystal is a package of services and software

Crystal Systems provides software, data management and skilled consulting for Natural Products brands that create and supply dietary supplements, cosmetics, skin lotions and hair care products

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What we do

Crystal Systems provides software and services for the dietary supplement and personal care industries.

The Crystal Core manages contract manufacturing and keeps records for regulatory compliance.  The affordable monthly subscription includes access to the software and preparation for key regulatory compliance requirements.  We add reasonably priced data entry of production and quality records, to give you a complete solution for essential business processes.

In addition to the core we offer packaged solutions for e-commerce, warehouse management, customer relationships and other ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ features.

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How we do it

Crystal Core solution gives you pre-configured software, operations management and expert oversight for a low, predictable price.  Your data is always available to you, and can be exported if needed.  Crystal Core is accessed on our shared hosting platform. Clients connect remotely to servers in our Denver data center.   We come to your location when needed, and we keep costs down with web meetings, phone and email communications.

If you need more modules or transactions than our shared hosting supports, you can install Crystal on a dedicated server.

If you want to keep your current accounting, e-commerce and other software, we have simple solutions to integrate with most systems.

Unlike conventional software resellers who take clients in many industries, we focus on Natural Products companies and provide essential operational services for managing contract manufacturers, product development, quality assurance, regulatory compliance.

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Who we are

Our team provides decades of experience managing operations and technology for giants in the Natural Products industry.  Now we bring Small and Midsize Businesses the skills we perfected at companies like Nutraceutical Corporation and GNC.

Henry Wythe and James Neu lead the management team.  Henry is a former Natural Products industry CIO and owner of several Independent Software Vendor companies. James has run sales, manufacturing, import/export, quality assurance, customer service and other Natural Products operations.

We are tightly integrated with our companion company, Natural Products Experts.  We currently have 6 consultants and additional resources to build the right team for your needs. Our virtual teams have experts in formulations, regulatory compliance, international operations,  and other hard-to-find skills.

Natural Products Experts began operations in 2012, and we formed Crystal Systems in 2018.  Our headquarters is in Park City, Utah.

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